Study Shows Women’s Curves Mesmerize a Man like Drugs and Alcohol

According to a new study from Georgia’s Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, men prefer a woman with curves and that an hourglass figure acts as an intoxicant for the male brain.

Many women worry about their weight but results from this study showing that men simply prefer a curvier figure should make them rest easier.

Researchers at the college scanned the brains of 14 young men looking at nude before and after pictures of women who underwent a plastic surgery procedure that gave them more shapely hips. Their weight didn’t change, just redistributed through implanted fat taken from the hips and buttock.

The post-op photos excited the young male’s “reward centers” – or areas of the brain typically stimulated by drugs and alcohol. Proved to be particularly stimulating were women with high waist to hip ratios. Steven Palek, lead researcher on the project and an evolutionary cognitive neuroscientist, credits this to the reality that shapely hips in women are an indication of good health and the ability to carry children.

Results from the study also conclude that changes in a woman’s body mass index (BMI) only affected the parts of the brain linked to visual evaluation like size and shape but nothing else.  This may be proof that societal norms influence perception of female beauty more so than actual brain wiring.

“The media portrays women as wholly too skinny,” Platek told “It’s not just about body fat, or body mass index.”

If a woman’s natural curves are not optimal for this scenario, findings from this study demonstrate the benefits of a breast enlargement procedure or buttock augmentation. More curves are not only more appealing, they are downright intoxicating!